Featured Fiverr Seller: Doug Does Design

Meet a newbie Fiverr logo designer on the rise: dougdoesdesign!

In anticipation of our upcoming master class with legendary graphic designer Rob Janoff, we want to introduce you to some of the incredible sellers in our Logo Design category. We got up close and personal with Doug, a new Fiverr seller whose design work is already #GigGoals. Check out his inspirational words of wisdom & helpful tips about logo design below. 

Name: Douglas Huegel
What: Logo designer
Location: United States

Fiverr Tagline: “I was born with a beard and a sketch pencil in hand.”

Hey Doug! First thing’s first – tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name’s Douglas Huegel, I’m 25 years old and I’m based out of Philadelphia, Pa. I have been designing since I was 14, and have been running my own business since the start of 2017. I can honestly say the graphic design is my life! I also meet and mentor with others in the field in my free time, and my goal is to be able to travel around the world and teach others how to follow their dreams and be the best creatives they can be.

Walk us through your typical day as a logo designer. 

My days always start out with walking my dog Riley around the city. While I do that, I clear my mind for what’s ahead and prioritize my many projects through the day. Once I create a plan, I treat myself to a fresh pot of coffee and get to work. I’ll browse through client work and personal art to keep my mind fresh and not focus on one project for too long. As an artist, I like to keep things natural and free-flowing so I tend not to set schedules, I set goals.

What made you join Fiverr and how has it affected your biz?

I joined Fiverr in order to expand my reach and create another avenue for income. Living in a big city isn’t cheap and Fiverr has been an outlet that helps me stay in Philly. It has also brought new customers and conversations to Doug Does Design that I wouldn’t have received if I didn’t join.

Talk to us about your first Fiverr sale. What was the most memorable thing about the experience?

My first Fiverr sale was a logo for https://thnkster.com/. It was a great experience and the customer had a great understanding of the creative process, which allowed me to do my thing. They even included a section on their website thanking me for the design!

In your opinion, what makes a killer logo and why is getting one that’s just right so crucial for a new brand?

When I create a logo, I aim to express the company’s product, personality, and passion. If you can show that while utilizing the smallest number of elements necessary, your logo will be a success. Less is more.

We LOVED your intro video – what made you do it?

Thanks! I created the video in order to connect the customer with the designer. Since I run my own business I feel that’s really important. I told the production company exactly what I was looking for and they made the video better than I ever imagined. Having a video on your Fiverr profile helps you stand out since most of the other sellers are only using images.

What advice would you give a Fiverr newbie?

Stay true to yourself and know your worth going into it. Don’t get discouraged if sales aren’t made right away. It takes consistency and a few completed projects before things pick up.

What are you Fiverr goals?

I would like to keep growing my sales. I’m also excited to post some new Gigs soon, SO STAY TUNED!

Editors Say: What was it about Doug’s Gig that made us swoon?

“We came across Doug’s Gig and were so impressed by his intro video! Most Graphic and Design Gigs are all about the pics, but Doug’s clip gives us a sneak peek into his work environment and personal style and the quality of it sends a very professional message. It’s things like this these that make your Gig stand out!”

Have a question for Doug about logo design or becoming a Fiverr seller? Ask in the comments below!

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