Google hotel search results testing ‘price insights’

Google is now testing “price insights” in its hotel search listing results. Price insights show a searcher if they are getting a good deal or not for a specific hotel, date range and hotel they are looking at. When you are looking at a specific hotel, Google might show you a box that reads “this hotel costs more than similar hotels nearby.” That button will let you explore hotel price insights in Google search.

This feature was first noticed by Sergey Alakov, who said this is currently being tested. I haven’t been able to replicate this feature, but here are screen shots from Sergey.

Here is the box that shows up when Google finds better hotels:

This is the front screen of the “Price Insights” section that displays similar nearby hotels for a better deal:

Google will even plot the prices of this hotel compared to the others by date:

In addition, Google will tell you when it would be best to book this hotel based on the price fluctuations:

And then finally, Google will show you its “price evaluation”:

A year or so ago, Google added hotel pricing trends and a couple of years ago tested hotel price drop notifications. Google also has price tracking and has been vastly improving its travel search features to show good deals.