Need Traffic To Your Web Site, Try Going Off Line

So you have a web site, you placed the e-zine ads, done your pay per click campaigns, placed your on-line classifieds, and completed your sites search engine optimization. Well done, you may be getting your traffic counter spinning, or your visitors may be building more slowly. No matter how that visitor count is looking you can always use some more , right?

If you are searching for more unorthodox methods of marketing your web site, try thinking off line. Before you start your next on line campaign, consider trying some of the old tried and true traditional promotion techniques .

Many Modern online webmasters or businesses are guilty of becoming blinkered to the world outside of cyberspace, Yes it is still there. Nearly every niche or subject has its own publication, and there are still newspapers and magazines. Many of these can bring a flood of highly targeted visitors to your web sites door.

If you operate a web site that sells an amazing new product. You can stretch your advertising budget by placing ads that contain only your URL, in a publication that your target audience will read. An ad that reads, would attract plenty of traffic from curious gamers, in an Xbox magazine for example. While other companies are using their ad space to explain their product, you’ve provided a compelling reason (curiosity) for gamers to hit your site. Since you only advertised the URL, you don’t require considerable space to explain your idea, hence the cost of your ad will be very reasonable. If your main URL doesn’t have a compelling keyword in its title, register one that does, and place a free redirect on it to your main site (this costs less than $10 per year typically).

You probably already write articles on your web sites subject, for your search engine optimization efforts, Instead of on line publication why not get it published in old fashioned print, It will be just as effective, if not more effective, than on-line publication. So get your articles and news releases out to these publications, no matter where they are published. There’s a magazine for just about everything these days, so whatever your area of expertise is, you’ll find an editor who might be interested in running your article.

It’s true that the on-line world is a tremendous place to market your products and services, But don’t forget about the rest of the world, or you’ll miss out on some tremendous marketing opportunities, and traffic.

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