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The Five Secrets of Great Packaging Design

Spunky packaging design by Fiverr Pro gefenbd. You worked hard to get here – you had a vision for a product, managed to make it, and you’re ready to release it to the world. In this digital age, however, there’s one big thing that’s probably never been at the front of your mind – your Read More

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Package Design, Unpacked

Poppin’ package design created by Fiverr Pro peckham. Whether consciously or subconsciously, package design has a major impact on the decisions we make as consumers. Apple is nearly as well-known for its sleek packaging as it is for its ever-evolving products. Or think of the iconic blue Tiffany box – something that communicates luxury immediately Read More

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Why Do I Need a Design Brief? [DOWNLOAD]

Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Steve Jobs only gave me four words of direction:  “Don’t make it cute.” Brief, indeed—but it gave me what I needed to create the Apple logo. Great logos don’t pop out of thin air. To get a result that embodies your brand, designers like me need to know a little Read More

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Using the Rule of 3 for Visual Merchandising Success

Visual merchandising is the planning and arrangement of floor plans and 3D displays of products and services in such a way to increase a retail store’s sales. It’s a common practice in the retail industry. Go into your favorite store, and you’ll quickly observe examples of visual merchandising in anything from floor displays to mannequins Read More

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Easy Visual Merchandising Hacks for Increased Sales

Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Visual merchandising is the science and art of designing floor plans and displays to maximize sales and revenue. Think of it this way: The layout of your retail store isn’t just about square footage. It’s about various opportunities to help your business make you more money. It doesn’t take Read More

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