Take Your Best Shot: Introducing Still Product Photography Services

Depict your products in the best light with help from Fiverr Pros.

We live in a visual world where most consumers’ attention naturally gravitates toward the quickest way to gather information: imagery.

For instance, a potential customer is more likely to walk into a store if they like what they see in the window. Similarly, when customers land on an e-commerce site, their attention naturally gravitates towards the imagery first. After that initial interaction with the store page, if they like what they see, they are more likely to keep on browsing and ultimately make a purchase.

Quality product images are key drivers of store engagement and ultimately, customer retention. And the market for customers is huge — 51% of American consumers choose to do their shopping online and more than 45% of those online shoppers have bought or spent more than they initially planned to when shopping online.

As a marketplace obsessed with helping small business owners and startups get the services they need to grow their businesses, we’re excited to announce the launch of on-demand Fiverr Pro services for high-quality Product Photography. We’re launching this category with Fiverr Pro seller services to provide anyone, anywhere with top notch photographers from all around the world.

Within the Product Photography category, there are photographers who have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands including Hugo Boss, Tom Ford, Anthropologie, The Body Shop, Bentley, Jimmy Choo, Red Bull and more. Even more, buyers can choose from Pros who specialize in various types of imagery including white background studio setting, lifestyle, commercial still-life, 360°, and more.

Those styles of photography can be applied to over 10 business and/or product types including:

  • Beauty & Health
  • Apparel
  • Electronics
  • Shoes
  • Food
  • Kids & Toys
  • Pet Supplies
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Jewelry
  • Home & Kitchen

However, it’s important to remember that high-quality, engaging product photography is not just important for the store page — the power of visual communication has reached an all-time high with the rise of digital and social marketing. In fact, 43% of consumers are influenced to purchase by photos they see on Instagram and a whopping 63% of consumers said good images are more important than product descriptions.

It’s clear that audiences everywhere are inspired by visuals now more so than ever before: therefore, the need to build a brand’s visual identity is imperative. Whether it’s telling a story through social channels or marketing to a consumer base through visually appealing product photography, imagery is one of the best ways to build an identity and establish trust with an audience.

For a 15% discount on your first product photography order, please use code PRODUCTPHOTOS.

Have questions about the new Product Photography subcategory? Ask us in the comments below!

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