The Basics Of Internet Traffic Generation

Traffic generation is not rocket science. A lot of people try to complicate it because they have something to sell. Well, if you knew how simple it really was, you’d never buy another traffic generation book ever again. If you think I’m kidding, this article is going to show you JUST how simple it is. By the time you’re done reading this, you should be able to hit the Internet with all guns blazing…ready to get your share of the traffic puzzle. So take notes. There will be a one question quiz at the end of this.

Okay, to begin with, the Internet is HUGE. You can’t even begin to know how many people are on it each day. The figures are staggering. And they’re all looking for something. Not everybody is going to be looking for what YOU have to offer, but there are people out there who are. THOSE are the people you have to target. How? It’s really simple. You go to where they hang out. Think about it. If you’re interested in online games, where do YOU hang out? You hang out at forums and online game rooms. Well, if you’re selling something to do with online games, you want to be where these people are. That is the easiest and quickest way to reach them. Simply by being there, hanging out and answering your questions, from word of mouth alone, you’ll be generating traffic to your site IF you have something that these people are interested in. That’s one way of generating traffic.

Another way is simply to go out and buy it. That’s right, buy it. You can use pay per click advertising, solo ezine ads or just about anything where you are paying for traffic. Naturally, if you are going to pay for traffic, you want to make sure that the traffic is targeted. You’re not going to buy a solo ezine ad at an ezine for health problems if you’re selling video games. It just doesn’t make sense.

Finally, there is just good old fashioned search engine optimization. Set up your web page and make sure it’s optimized for the search engines so that you get a high ranking. If you don’t have the skills to do this yourself, hire somebody who can.

Traffic generation is not hard. It can be time consuming, but there is nothing about it that’s difficult. It’s really as simple as what I’ve outlined above.

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